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This dish garden with its charming white flowers will send your thoughts and prayers with something to hold on to for more than just a few days. Ideal for both a service and home. Approximately 13" W x 15" H.
$63.95 to $143.95

This version, with its shiny dark green leaves, also produces striking white lily-like flowers that are perfect every day of the year. The Classic is 1-1½’ tall, the Deluxe is 2-2½' tall, and the Premium is over 3' tall.
$63.95 to $97.95

This impressive garden of indoor plants will be a warm welcome to any home or office. And you'll get glowing reviews for sending it. Approximately 19" W x 15" H.
$74.95 to $94.95

This dish garden full of beautiful plants makes anything but a small impression on whomever receives it.
$62.95 to $152.95

Make a statement with a sophisticated live green plant. Our design will pick you the finest and most elegant live plant available, dress it up in a decorative container for a most impressive presentation. Type of plant will vary.
$124.95 to $214.95

An interior, low-light conditions, live green plant dressed in a decorative container. Type of plant will vary.

It’s wild and wonderful…a botainical burst that’s perfect for someone with a new home, new job, new anything. Also a perfect way to say thanks, and so easy to take care of. Contains an assortment of green plants in a tasteful planter.
$72.95 to $112.95

Give this luxuriant dish garden for any occasion, and you’ll bring pleasure for weeks to come. Low maintenance, high enjoyment. Perfect! Contains an assortment of green plants in a tasteful dish planter.
$63.95 to $113.95

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Items 1-8 of 8


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