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Lilies have long been a sweet and wonderful way to warm anyone's heart. These stargazer lilies are sure to do the trick. This is a special order item. Requires up to 24 hours for delivery. Approximately 19" W x 24" H.
$79.95 to $109.95

This bright yellow arrangement is like a ray of sunshine. It's sure to add warmth to anyone's day. Approximately 18"W x 15" H.
$63.95 to $128.95

Can't decide between a plant and a fresh floral arrangement? Send the White Garden - fresh flowers for a little bit followed b a planter to keep longterm. Approximately 13" W x 15" H.
$63.95 to $143.95

Looking for a way to awe someone special? This splendid display of lilies will indeed. Approximately 21" W x 25" H.
$72.95 to $92.95

This romantic arrangement of stargazer lilies and red roses will help to celebrate any occasion with style. Approximately 23" W x 26" H.
$134.95 to $184.95

A blend of roses and daisies offers cheer, warmth and happiness. How could you go wrong with that?
$73.95 to $103.95

Bring your flower garden indoors with this lavish display of tulips, iris, snapdragons, & lilies. Picture is example of deluxe size.
$79.95 to $139.95

With an abundant array of bright red, yellow, and purple flowers, this arrangement is sure to brighten your day. Approximately 12"W x 13"H. Picture is example of deluxe size.
$63.95 to $128.95

Someone special makes your days a little brighter? Show how much brighter they make your days with this smiling mix of flowers. Approximately 13" W x 22" H. Picture is example of deluxe size.
$62.95 to $122.95

When you want to impress that exceptional someone, send these extraordinary summer flowers and they'll know exactly how you feel without exception. Approximately 23"W x 34" H.
$164.95 to $194.95

These exceptional flowers will show someone special just how much they mean to you, whether they're a man or a woman. Approximately 14 1/2" W x 27" H. Picture is example of deluxe size.
$62.95 to $112.95

For classic romance, a dozen roses is always the perfect choice. Approximately 20"W x 24"H.
$94.95 to $114.95

This sweet, round arrangement of pastel flowers provides comfort. Approximately 13” W x 12” H.
$72.95 to $102.95

This arrangement is a magnificent way to say just what’s on your mind. Approximately 17" W x 24" H.
$87.95 to $157.95

As a thoughtful gesture to show you care, send this lovely arrangement of beautiful flowers and everyone will know how much you really do. Approximately 20” W x 20” H.
$77.95 to $147.95

This pastel arrangement will express your sympathy and lovingly show your warm thoughts. Approximately 24" W x 34" H.
$96.95 to $186.95

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Items 1-16 of 32


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